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Student Visa

We counsel you to pick and grab the best opportunity to study in a foreign university. We realize that different individuals have different needs and therefore you need various options to choose the right one to realize your dreams.
A student Visa is a golden opportunity for any individual to go abroad and learn not only about the chosen course but also about life at-large. The international education and exposure have changed lives of millions around the world, and the benefits are manifold.
We ensure that the students who wish to have foreign education get the maximum benefit from our expertise and exposure. As the Management of the firm has got international qualifications and experience, they can share the same with all the aspiring students willing to study abroad. We are a student oriented firm committed to provide fair and accurate assistance and guidance to students seeking admission in educational institutions / universities in United Kingdom / USA / AUSTRALIA / CANADA / NEW ZEALAND / IRELAND / GERMANY / SINGAPORE AND MORE.. The following services will help the students not only to secure admissions but also to get a visa and will make sure that they get a warm welcome as and when they land in their chosen country.

Student Analysis

Our team of counselors is committed to help students by explaining various available options and choices of various countries, universities and courses based on information given by the student This would help us to decide the most suitable course for a student and then provide him/her the options for the Universities/Colleges abroad.

Information and Guidance

Complete information of different courses in universities/ colleges is then provided to the student with respect to the above analysis. University's eligibility criteria and course content is then checked with student's interest to ensure a "perfect match". Also we provide further information about the university through Brochures and websites for student reference.

University Selection

Nags Overseas Education Consultants and Immigration represents reputed Universities / Institutes worldwide. This gives students an option to select the destination where they would like to pursue their studies. Universities and colleges abroad offer students a wide range of courses and options. We assist a student in selecting just the right university with respect to Ranking, Location, Courses offered, Budget. We also provide them with all the information they need about the location, resources, facilities and accommodation available at a chosen university.

Application and Documentation

The entire application to the respective universities selected by the students is done by us. We help our students with all the documentation like mark sheets, bank's documents, property papers, financial proofs etc. These documents are then attested to prove their originality and authenticity. An application is supported by these documents and is sent across to the university. An application forwarded to the University/ College for admission must have all the relevant documents. These documents must be prepared carefully and presented precisely to make a positive impression on the authorities. These documents are the first communication any student makes with the university; hence it holds great importance in terms of substance and presentation. Documents Required


We follow-up this application, by staying in touch with the university authorities to ensure that a student gets the offer letter in time to make an application for visa

Scholarships Assistance

On occasion where a scholarship is available - we help students to avail the benefit of the scholarship. (Some of the Unis / Colleges offer up to 50% Scholarship)

Assistance for Bank Loans

We provide complete assistance in obtaining a bank loan. We understand that international education requires lot of funds. Therefore we have established strong links with a number of banks, which provide education loans to students for up to Rs.15 Lacs to meet their tuition fees and living expenses overseas, at very low interest rates.

Forex Services

Once the finances are sorted we also help the students to avail foreign exchange services where by the students would not have to pay any extra service charges and the rates of foreign currency would be the best in the industry.

Visa Application and Documentation

Once the offer letter arrives and the Institute has confirmed student's admission an application for student visa has to be made. Nags Overseas Education Consultants and Immigration guides the student with getting all required documentation necessary for this procedure, get them attested, file them in a sequential format and sent them to the Consulate in time for approval.

Visa Interview Preparation

Getting a visa could be a tough nut to crack, but with our mock interview preparation you have nothing to worry about when the real interview date approaches.

Airline Ticket Bookings

We have tie ups with travel agencies that would book their tickets through the most suitable and affordable airline. We also advice the students as to what they must carry as luggage comprising of their basic requirements and also of specific requirements according to the institute, location and course. We have an agreement with a leading travel agency, which provides air tickets to our students at concessional rates. Students are welcome to make use of this service, if desired.

Pre-departure Briefings

Predeparture briefings will help students to understand the place where they will be studying and living and the do's and don'ts regarding the same. We advise them on climatic conditions, foreign exchange, travel, airport pick-up by an institutional staff, accommodation, clothing, opening a bank account etc. A seminar for pre-departure briefings is arranged for all the students (With Visa Approvals)

Working Visas

Malaysia - On Job Training program
Placement Process:

1 year Training Visa to work in any part of Malaysia Placements will be guaranteed by the Malaysian Counterparts Applicant can get work for 6 days in a week for 8 to 10 hours Job will be in prestigious 3* to 5* Hotels or Restaurants Starting Salary will be RM 1,200 – RM 1,500 (+ / -) Plus overtime Guaranteed Accommodation Free Of Cost provided by Employee Food at times is also provided by the employees Free of Cost.

Visa Duration: Max 3 months

The Employers will send us the original approvals or calling visa of the candidates after which the Visa will be processed by us from India.

On Completion of 1 Year Visa:

After finishing the 1 Year Visa, applicants have 2 choices. Either employer can renew his/her visa or we can help you convert into a work permit.

The American




the following categories of foreigners are eligible to apply for permanent residence:
(a) Spouse and unmarried children (below 21 years old) of a Singapore Citizen 
(SC)/SingaporePermanent Resident (SPR) 
(b) Aged Parents of a SC 
(c) P, Q or S work pass holders 
(d) Investors/Entrepreneurs 

Documents Required

The forms mentioned below are available online (you will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print the forms) and at the Permanent Resident Services Centre.

Permanent Resident Services Centre 
5th Storey, ICA Building 
10 Kallang Road 
(Next to Lavender MRT station) 
Singapore 208718

You can make payment for the following fees via NETS or Cashcard: 
Entry permit : S$100 
Re-Entry Permit : S$10 per year 
Visa Fee : $30 per issue (for foreigners requiring a visa) 

Additional Information
For all correspondences to the department, please state the file reference number, the Foreign Identification Number (FIN), the name and date of birth of the applicant.

Please ensure that the original documents, official translation (if the document is not in the English language) and a copy of all documents are produced for our retention. Insufficient documents may result in non-acceptance of application. Additional documents to support the application may be required.

The grant of permanent residence does not exempt an individual from registration with the relevant professional bodies or any other conditions as required under the respective professions.

ICA may share your personal information with other Government agencies to process any application you have made or to render you a service, so as to serve you in an efficient and effective way, unless such sharing is prohibited by legislation. 

New Zealand

Living in New Zealand
New Zealand welcomes new migrants - people who will contribute to our country by bringing valuable skills or qualifications, setting up a business, or making a financial investment. These include people applying under the following categories.

Skilled Migrant Category

Business and investment categories

We also offer opportunities for family reunification by allowing residents and citizens to sponsor family members for residence.

Family categories
We have a range of family categories to help partners, dependent children and parents of New Zealand citizens or residents to come to live in New Zealand.

Refugee Family Support Category
This category allows New Zealanders granted residence as refugees to sponsor a family member and that person's partner and dependent children for New Zealand residence.Each year there are 300 places available.

Samoan Quota
Each year we invite a number of Samoan citizens to apply for residence under our Samoan Quota Scheme.

Pacific Access Category
Each year we invite a number of people from Kiribati, Tuvalu and Tonga to apply for residence under the Pacific Access Category.

To know for which scheme you qualify, mail your resume at


Apply to immigrate to Canada
There are different programs that allow you to immigrate to Canada permanently. If you are not sure which program you should apply for, use the Come to Canada Wizard. It will help you determine which one is best for your situation.

If you already know which program you want to apply for, find out how to do so below: Apply to immigrate to Canada There are different programs that allow you to immigrate to Canada permanently. If you are not sure which program you should apply for, use the Come to Canada Wizard. It will help you determine which one is best for your situation. If you already know which program you want to apply for, find out how to do so below:
Skilled workers and professionals< Quebec selected skilled workers
Canadian Experience Class
Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed
Family sponsorship
Provincial nominees Live-in caregivers


Professionals and Other Skilled Migrants

Skilled - Regional (Residence) visa (subclass 887)

About this Visa
The purpose of this visa is to allow holders of certain provisional visas to apply for permanent residency. To be granted this visa, you must have lived for at least two years and worked full time for a total period of 12 months in a Specified Regional Area of Australia before lodging your visa application.

Who is this visa for?
This visa is for you if you hold one of these visas: Who is this visa for?
This visa is for you if you hold one of these visas:
Skilled- Independent Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 495)
Skilled - Designated Area - Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 496)
Skilled- Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 475)
Skilled- Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 487)

And you:
have lived in a Specified Regional Area for at least two years
have worked full time in a Specified Regional Area for at least one year
have complied with the conditions on your visa.
How much does this visa cost?
You must pay the relevant visa application charge when you lodge your visa application.
What does this visa let me do?
This visa allows you and any secondary applicants included in your visa application to live as permanent residents in Australia.
Australian permanent residents can:
live and work in Australia on a permanent basis
study in Australia at school, Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector or university
receive subsidised healthcare through Medicare and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)
access certain social security payments (subject to waiting periods)
be eligible for Australian citizenship (subject to the residency eligibility criteria)
sponsor people for permanent residence. How this Visa Works?
This is a permanent residence visa for holders of the following provisional visas:
Skilled - Independent Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 495)
Skilled - Designated Area - Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 496)
Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 475)
Skilled - Regional Sponsored (Provisional) visa (subclass 487)
You must meet certain residence and work requirements in Australia before applying for this visa.
As a permanent resident you are able to remain in Australia indefinitely. This visa also allows you to travel to and enter Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted. The expiry of this visa does not affect your permanent resident status if you are in Australia. However, if you want to continue to travel to and from Australia as a permanent resident after the initial visa has expired, you must obtain a Resident Return Visa (RRV). Your eligibility for an RRV will depend on the period that you have resided in Australia.
To know for which scheme you qualify, mail your resume at info@pyramidconsultants.com