Study in France

France is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live, study or visit. It is the third-largest country in Europe as a whole with a total population of around 66 million .It is the fourth wealthiest nation in the world.
France is not only a land of artistic heritage but also a country which produced a whole host of scientists, mathematicians and other researchers, whose achievements are no less spectacular. A total of 49 Nobel laureates place France fourth in the world. It is though not in need to justify the quality of education in France.
France is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations. The two different kinds of educational institutes one can choose from are, Universities and “Grandes Ecoles” (competitive institutes).The intakes revolve around September/October.
The tuition fees at France’s leading universities are among the cheapest in the world, with annual fees averaging under US$1,000 per year for domestic and international students alike.
With the increased autonomy of universities, the massive access of students to university studies and the development of university exchanges in Europe, the higher education system in France have changed considerably over the last decade, drawing it closer to that of other countries. New courses have been devised, accessible at different levels and more open onto the job market; for example, they often include periods of courses and periods of internships in situ.
Compared to other countries, France now receives one of the highest proportions of foreign students in the world: currently over 10 % of the overall student population.
France is one of Europe’s leading countries with regard to the number of international students studying there, with a current figure of over 240,000 students. Thanks to the flexibility of the French higher education system, an itinerary tailored to suit each individual can be established from initial university studies to the most advanced specialization programs.