Study in New Zealand

International standards, competitive cost and a cosmopolitan culture make New Zealand an ideal study destination for Indian students. Quality education at comparable prices is the rationale behind New Zealand’s popularity. New Zealand degrees are patterned on the lines of the British education system. To top it all, state-of-the-art facilities, a safe environment and a fine students’ support system add to the country’s multiracial, multicultural warmth. New Zealand is an economically wise and safe option for students looking for a high standard of education, and an over-all high standard of life.

“BEST OF BOTH WORLD” qualifications:

The best thing about studying in NZ is that the expenses involved are comparatively less than the other major destinations viz. USA, UK, Canada or Australia. In fact it is almost 50% less than that of USA and UK. Coupled with the lesser costs and International recognition of its qualification, NZ essentially offers “Best of Both Worlds” qualifications. Kiwi Life- even though the country might be small the people think big. The people popularly known as Kiwi’s are renowned for their hospitality and their love for sports and the outdoors.

Undergraduate Study in New Zealand

At most New Zealand universities the course of study for a Bachelor’s degree consists of a prescribed number of units, papers or courses. In each subject there are usually first-year (stage I or 100—level), second-year (stage 2 or 200 level) and third-year (stage 3 or 300 level) courses. A second year course may be commenced only after prescribed passes in the subject at stage I and a third-year course only after required passes in the subject at stage 2. In each subject the student is required to attend a given number of lectures, tutorials and/or laboratory periods per week. In some courses field trips provide opportunities for on-site study of natural phenomena or social processes. These learning contacts are supplemented by personal reading and research. Students are expected to develop independent study skills with a minimum of professional supervision. Grades given in tests, assignments, and practical work, count towards the final grade for a course. Most courses have a final written examination held either at mid-year (June) or the end of the academic year (October/November).

Post Graduate Study in New Zealand

The first degree a student is able to gain in New Zealand is as elsewhere, a Bachelors degree. With a completed Bachelor’s degree, a graduate may be able to go on to a Master’s degree. These degrees may be awarded with Honors, an indication both of the challenge the course presents and of the student’s achievement in it.

Postgraduate Diploma

A one-year full-time study, designed for graduates, which builds on the subject matter in the academic field of the previous degree.

Graduate Diploma

This ia a one-year, full-time course of study for graduates. It does not always require its students to have prior learning or experience in the subject matter of the diploma.

Master’s Degree

The Master’s degree is open to those who have completed a Bachelor’s degree. The course of study is usually of one or two year’s full-time study or its equivalent in part-time study. The work required normally builds upon the prior knowledge gained in the major part of the Bachelor’s degree, and most or all of it is in that discipline. It is at a more advanced level. That is normally reflected in the content of the work; in the mode of teaching which is likely to emphasis seminar presentation; and in provision of research experience for the candidate. A thesis is an account of a substantial piece of research. Many master’s degrees include a thesis component, and in some cases, particularly those which are taken after a four-year Bachelors (Honors) course, the degrees may be thesis-only. However, increasingly Masters’ degrees by papers, or papers plus research, are becoming available. The successful student is expected to show, as the title implies, a real grasp of the subject, demonstrated by an understanding of the discipline, a capacity to reflect upon it, and an ability to undertake research into it.


New Zealand Doctoral Research scholarships are a significant educational opportunity. Doctorate programs generally take at least 3 years of full time study to complete. It is a fully research based degree. PHD students pay domestic tuition fee which is a ‘benefit’ of fee difference from international fees to domestic fees’. Scholarships are also awarded to the students on the basis of academic merit and research ability by the university. The scholarship funding covers international tuition fee, a monthly living allowance, travel, health, insurance, books and thesis allowance.

University education was established in New Zealand in 1870 and has a similar tradition to the British university system. There are eight state-funded universities in New Zealand, all of them internationally respected for their academic and research performance. In addition to a centrally co-ordinated system of quality assurance audits at both institution and program level, each university undertakes internal quality checks. All New Zealand universities offer a broad range of subjects in Arts, Commerce and Science. Each has developed its own specialist subjects such as Medicine, Engineering, Veterinary Science, Computer Studies, Agriculture and Environmental Studies, Sports-Science, Biotechnology, Architecture etc. Bachelors, Masters and Doctoral degrees are offered by all New Zealand universities. A range of under graduate and postgraduate diplomas is also available, along with honors programs (usually requiring an additional year of study).

Polytechnics in New Zealand

New Zealand Polytechnics, and Institutes of Technology, are state funded and provide education and training at all levels ranging from introductory studies through to full degree programs. A few of them offer PG programs as well. Polytechnics and Institutes of Technology are efficient tertiary providers offering programs which can be both academically and vocationally focused. Due to their active engagement with industry, employers and government agencies they provide programs which are of a high academic standard and are relevant to the rapidly changing workforce on a global basis. Polytechnics offer diverse courses like Arts and Design, Travel & Tourism, Hospitality etc.

Private Degree Providers

In 1989, amendments to the Education Act in New Zealand enabled the private tertiary sector to award degrees through the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). The key to the legitimacy of the private degree providers is their relationship with the NZQA which has responsibility for course accreditation. The mission of the private degree providers is to provide a quality service to their students and a range of skills of value in the work environment.

Private Training Providers (PTEs)

Private training establishments are registered and their courses approved by NZQA. Institutions and schools in this sector provide a range of courses including English language, aviation flight training, air traffic control, English, business computing, dance, design and arts, religious studies, travel and tourism and training for the hospitality industry.


The academic year is from mid / late February to early November and most Universities have 2 semesters with a holiday of 4 weeks in June. Each University operates slightly different dates and some also offer summer school in the main holiday period in November to February. Intakes are in February, July and sometimes in September.

English Language Requirements

All students must be fluent in English language if they are to succeed at university in New Zealand. There are many courses available at public and private institutions in New Zealand and elsewhere to assist international students reach the required level of English language competence. We can recommend waiver of IELTS / TOEFL wherever possible. A band of 6.0/6.5 for undergraduate & 6.5 / 7.5 for postgraduate courses is desirable.


Documents needed for making an application are resume, statement of purpose, mark sheets & certificates of X, XII, till Graduation or relevant degree transcripts in specific cases, Certificates of extra-curricular activities and passport copy, birth certificate & 2 reference letters from colleges & employers.

The Process

The academic year is from mid / late February to early November and most Universities have 2 semesters with a holiday of 4 weeks in June. Each University operates slightly different dates and some also offer summer school in the main holiday period in November to February. Intakes are in February, July and sometimes in September.


No personal Interview is required in Mumbai, unless there are some really unusual circumstances. Mostly, this is done over the telephone. And when you receive a call should you be busy at that time, you can always get back to them when the time is more appropriate to you.


Part-time Work (while you study): Students can work up to 20hrs/week (like most other countries) during study period. They can work full-time i.e 40hrs/week during vacations (visibly mentioned on the student visa too). Minimum wage is NZ $ 12 per hour, one can considerably bring down their living expense. Job Search Visa (guaranteed): After successful completion of your course, you will automatically get a 12 months “Works Permit” – in most cases this will be done at your institution. If you are seeking Permanent Residency, then a job relevant to your course is strongly recommended.


NZ industries work side by side to encourage and sustain the economic activity and the benefits it brings to the people of NZ. Over 60% of NZ GDP is generated by services. This includes : The computer software development industry, film, television and commercial production industry, services like banking, finance, advertising, property, tourism & hospitality, and food processing. The manufacturing sector has shown strong export performance growth, which has encouraged investment and employment growth.


International students enrolled in a tertiary program of study are eligible to work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year. Students can work full time (40 hrs) in New Zealand only during the summer holidays. The average wage for part time jobs is between NZ$10 – NZ$12 per hour. International students who have graduated from a course in New Zealand that would gain points under the Skilled Migrant Category may apply for a one year open work visa. Eligible student’s partner may apply for a work permit, valid for the duration of the study course.

Future Scope:

New Zealand Education is a strong pathway leading to migration opportunity:

  • All students successfully completing a 3 years duration Diploma, Degree, PG course or course under the skilled shortage list gain Points towards Skilled Migrant category, for Permanent Residency.
  • Any student gaining points for Skilled Migrant category as mentioned above can apply for a Job Search Visa of 1 year where they can work full time.
  • On gaining Job offer within the period of Job Search student can either apply for 2 years Work Permit or Permanent Residency depending on their eligibility for SMC.
  • Requirement of 2 years work experience is waived off if the student has NZ qualification.
  • Spouse of the students going for Post graduate courses or for courses listed in immediate or long term skill shortage could accompany on a work permit.
  • New Zealand Permanent Residency holder enjoys many benefits like subsidized tuition fees for higher education, low interest rates & easy loan facilities, Traveling to any Euro national country becomes very easy & many other benefits (refer www.immi.govt.nz).

Newzealand Admission and Visa Procedure Kit.

STAGE 1:   We counsel students as per their profile and Interest.

STAGE 2:   We guide students to select course, University and Location as per student profile and Interest.

STAGE 3:   We Provide Information about the documents to be submitted for getting Admission.

Documents required for getting admission:

*     Secondary school Certificate (SSC)

*     Intermediate certificate (11th and 12th class)

*     Degree Provisional Certificate (PC)

*     Consolidated Marks Memo (CMM)

*     IELTS/ TOEFL/PTE Score cards

 (Some Colleges conduct their own English test if the student has none of the above scores) 

*     Work Experience Letters (If any)

*     Copy of Passport

You will get your offer letter (Admission letter) in 2-7 working days.


Documents Required for applying for visa :

* Original Passport.

* Unconditional offer of place (Admission Letter) from a New Zealand

   Education provider detailing, the name of the course and the minimum time

  Required for completing it, and evidence that the course and education provider

  meet foreign student requirements, and the amount of the fee for the complete    course, whether you are a full-time or part-time student.

 (An offer of place from an educational institution approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority)
(A written guarantee from an institution or person that suitable accommodation is available to you in New Zealand (if you’re under 18 years)

* All Educational Documents.

* IELTS Score Card.

* English Test certificate (If college has conducted English Proficiency Test)

* Hand written SOP

* Work Experience Letter (If Any)

* Fill your Student visa application form INZ 1012, INZ 1014 & Supplementary form.

If your course is three months or less, you don’t need a student visa: just a visitor visa.

For Student application form please click the below link.

(http://www.immigration.govt.nz/NR/rdonlyres/1939D919-202D-4388-83C3-C934016C3BB9/0/INZ1012.pdf )

* Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)

Apply for Police Clearance Certificate at the nearest passport office.

* Get your medicals done at the panel doctors of Newzealand.


For courses longer than 12 months, you’ll need to provide medical and x-ray certificates.

For Panel doctor’s details please click the below link.


*Affidavit of support, Self (Student) & Sponsor (If Any)

* Bank Loan Letter to cover Tuition fee and Living Expenses.

*If the funds are available in Savings Account / Fixed Deposits, These funds should be at least 3 months old.

Estimated Living Expenses required by Newzealand High commission is NZ$ 15000 per annum

* Income Tax Returns (ITR) of the student (if self supporting) or Sponsor’s ITR

* Sponsor can be your parents, Siblings / Company/ Organization

* 2 Photographs

 *  Apply for the visa at the VFS Centre of that particular region with appropriate visa

 *(Student Visa fee is INR 14,100.)For VFS Address please visit the below link


* Newzealand High Commission will take 10-20 working days to process student visa applications.

 (Newzealand High Commission may call a student for a Personal / Telephonic Interview)

If your Visa Application is Successful you will be issued Pre-Visa,

After Pre-visa you have to transfer the full tuition fee to the University / College’s Bank Account. Upon the receipt of the payment of the tuition fee Newzealand High Commission will Issue a Student VISA.

City : Mohali 
Doctor/Clinic: Kansal CLinic 
Address: Kothi No. 4, Phase 2, Sector 54 Mohali (S.A.S. Nagar), Mohali 1160 055 
Phone: 0172-222 5124,172 227 3587, 172 466 4663 / (mob) 0981 401 2476 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Ludhiana 
Doctor/Clinic: Dr Wahiguru Pal and Dr Harkamal Bagga (Mrs) 
Address: B – 18/3791/3A/1 Jagjit Nagar, Pakhowal Rd, Ludhiana 141 001 
Phone: 0161-2458 403, 245 8459 Mobile 98140 01200 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Mumbai 
Doctor/Clinic: Clinical Diagnostic Centre 
Address: A- Ben Nevis Ground Floor, Bhulabhai Desai Rd, Mumbai 400 026 
Phone: 022-23684764 / 765 / 23618839 
Fax: 022-23671019 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Nagpur 
Doctor/Clinic: Sanjiwani Chikitsa Kendra 
Address: opp. City Post Office, Itwar, Nagpur 440 002 
Phone: 0712-276 9494, 242 2996, (mob) 94221 02590 
Hours: Clinic Times: 11am – 1pm7:00pm – 9:30pm. Closed on Sundays 
Type: Medical

City : Pune 
Doctor/Clinic: Ruby Nursing Home 
Address: 40 Sasoon Road Post Box 70, Pune 411 001 
Phone: 91 20 2616 3391, 91 20 6645 5242 
Fax: 020-612 4529 
Email: pmrf@giaspn01.vsnl.net.in 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Ahmadabad 
Doctor/Clinic: Savior Hospital 
Address: Near Bharat Petrol Pump, Lakhudi Circle, Stadium Road, Ahmedabad ? 380014 
Phone: For appointments 079-6190 8080 98240 53196 (Mob.) 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Chandigarh 
Doctor/Clinic: National Medical and Dialysis Centre 
Address: 516, Sector 10-D (opposite Hotel Mountainview) Chandigarh 
Phone: 0172 5074333, 4635516, 2607722. Mob: 09815111600 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Bangalore 
Doctor/Clinic: Elbit Medical Diagnostics Limited 
Address: No. 1, 1/2, Indian Express Building, Queens Road, Bangalore 560001 
Phone: (91) 80 22860365 / 22860761 / 22860768 / 22869105 / 40570000 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Secunderabad 
Doctor/Clinic: GYD Diagnostics and Clinics 
Address: 6-1-126 & 127/4, Padmarao Nagar, (lane opposite Gharounda Supermarket), Secunderabad, 500025 Telangana, (Andhra Pradesh) 
Phone: +91-40-42414142, (43), (44), (45) 
Fax: -42414095 
Hours: Monday to Friday9.00am – 7.00pmSaturday and Sunday: 9.00am – 12.00pm 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : New Delhi 
Doctor/Clinic: Max Multi Speciality Centre 
Address: N 110, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi-110 017 
Phone: +91-11-2649 9870, 4609 7000 +91 471 656 0645 For appointments call: 0091 8800334457 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Chennai 
Doctor/Clinic: Apollo Heart Centre 
Address: 156 Greams Road Chennai 600 006 
Phone: 91 44 6060 1066, 91 9551 011 666 
Email: immigration_cni@apollohospitals.commalathi_r@apollohospitals.com 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City: Kolkata 
Doctor/Clinic: Pulse Diagnostics 
Address: 75 Sarat Bose Road Kolkata 700 026 
Phone: +91 33 2454 6142 / +91 33 2419 2603 / +91 98 3677 1500 / +91 98 3016 6740 / +91 98 3103 9191 / 
Fax: 91 33 2454 6142 
Email: pulsevisamedicals@gmail.com pulsecal@gmail.com 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Ludhiana 
Doctor/Clinic: Super X-ray Clinic 
Address: 2353/2 Krishna Nagar, Ferozepur Road (near Aarti Cinema) Ludhiana 14101 
Phone: 91 161 240 8031 
Email: cheemayv@yahoo.com 
Type: Radiology

City : Nagpur 
Doctor/Clinic: Sarda Imaging and Pathology Clinic 
Address: 70, Central Ave, Gandhi Putla, Nagpur, Maharashtra, 440032 
Phone: +91 71 2276 9715 / +91 71 2766 384 / +91 71 6612 668 / 
Fax: 91 71 2276 6139 
Type: Radiology

City : New Delhi 
Doctor/Clinic: Sadhu Vaswani Mission Medical Centre 
Address: 4/27, Shantiniketan, New Delhi 110 021 
Phone: 91 11 2411 1562 +91 11 2411 4316, +91 11 2411 1693, +91 11 2469 254, +91 11 2461 1708, 
Type: Medical and Radiology 

City : Trivandrum 
Doctor/Clinic: Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) 
Address: P.B No. 1 Anayara Thiruvanan Thapuram Trivandrum 
Phone: +91 471 304 1312 
Fax: +91 471 244 6438 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Ahmadabad 
Doctor/Clinic: Apollo Hospital International Ltd 
Address: Plot 1A – GIDC Estate, Bhat, Near Airport, Ahmedabad 382 428 
Phone: 91 79 6670 1800 
Email: healthcheck@apolloahd.com 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Bangalore 
Doctor/Clinic: Fortis Hospital Bangalore 
Address: 154/9 Bannerghatta Rd, Opp IIM-B, Bangalore 560076 
Phone: 91 80 6621 4444 
Fax: 91 80 6621 4242 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Ludhiana 
Doctor/Clinic: SPS Apollo Hospital 
Address: Sherpur Chowk G.T. Road, Ludhiana, Punjab 141003 
Phone: 91 161 661 7111 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Mohali 
Doctor/Clinic: Max Super Speciality Hospital 
Address: Near Civil Hospital, Phase 6, Mohali 160 055 
Phone: 91 172 665 2000 91 842 766 1909 
Fax: 91 172 665 2555 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Mumbai 
Doctor/Clinic: Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre 
Address: A7 91 Bandra Reclaimation, Bandra West Mumbai 400050 Maharastra 
Phone: 91 22 2656 8248 
Fax: 91 22 2640 7655 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City: Mumbai 
Doctor/Clinic: Rele Clinic 
Address: Gita Smruti Premises Co-op. So. Ltd. 10 AA, A Wing, Se?cond Floor Pandita Ramabai Road Gamdevi Mumbai 400 007 
Phone: 91 22 2361 3737 91 22 2361 3838 
Fax: 91 0 22 2364 3636 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Hyderbad 
Doctor/Clinic: Centre for Migration Medicine 
Address: 3 ? 6 – 20, Street 19, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad 500 029 
Phone: 91 85 0077 7000, 91 40 2980 6789 
Fax: 91 40 2322 5087 
Type: Medical and Radiology

City : Kolkata 
Doctor/Clinic: Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals 
Address: 58 Canal Circular Rd, Opposite Salt Lake Stadium, Kolkata, West Bengal, 700 054 
Phone: +91 (33) 2320 2122 
Email: visa_aghl@apollohospitals.com 
Type: Medical and Radiology

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